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Sale of Lots


Sale of Lots

By adon_admin / February 10, 2021 /

Whether you’re purchasing a strata title as a residential property or as an investment property, it’s best you gain an understanding of the legal requirements regarding the contract and the disclosure statement. Contents of contract When the contract is entered into, its provisions must include the disclosure statement and all material accompanying the disclosure statement.…

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By Holland / December 7, 2020 /

Queensland law requires a Strata Disclosure Statement be attached to the Contract of Sale of any property that is part of a Body Corporate. Vendors in Queensland must include a warning statement in the contract of sale advising the buyer of the cooling-off period. They also need to recommend potential buyers seek professional legal advice…

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Top Tips for Strata Buying & Living!

By Holland / September 9, 2020 /

If you’re interested in purchasing an apartment or unit, whether it’s to LIVE IN or as an INVESTMENT PROPERTY… it’s best to be aware of your rights and more importantly – the matter of SHARING SPACE with your fellow strata owners. Inside your apartment is your very own SANCTUARY… but the steps from the building…

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What you need to know about Strata Titles

By Holland / May 13, 2020 /

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT STRATA TITLES:“The concept of a Strata Title in relation to property law, first originated in Australia… and is now commonly used throughout the world!” A Strata Title generally refers to the ownership of a UNIT, HIGHRISE APARTMENT or TOWNHOUSE. It allows the property title holder to share ownership and…

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